Who hasn’t had the flash-up from the on-line auction site It looks pretty professional,with pictures of beautiful jewelry, fine art and apparel at a fraction of the retail price.  Is it really possible to get jewelry at 97% off?  Sadly, no.

Many of the products have the appraisal price and then what they will take as a starting bid. Many bids start at $1.00 and others have a reserve price, meaning that they won’t sell it at less than a price they specify.

They make it very easy to log in and begin bidding immediately. The bidding is fun, and there are several auctions going on within seconds of each other.

The problem, however,  comes in when you get your product:

After having gotten several items that I had bid on, I can say that they were very prompt with their packages and I never had a problem with payment.

As for the products themselves…..not so good. I don’t know what kind of camera they are using to make that jewelry look so good, but when I got the jewelry, it does not look like the picture at all. In fact, the items I bought, which included earrings, bracelets and necklaces, were impossibly small.

They all look very miniaturized. As in SMALL – REALLY SMALL. I could possibly imagine giving these things to perhaps a young child for a Christening gift.

Going on to their website, I saw these beautiful earrings which they claim retail at  $2,610.00.

These were the kind of earrings that  would have caught my eye.  They are 14k white gold with a 10/0.9 diamonds, with an 8mm freshwater pearl.

They claim that in a retail store, these would go for $2610,00.  They are willing to let them go for 93% less than that, or $2,443.00 less, or beginning at $167.00.

The fine print is as follows:

* The “Compare” Price is based on what we believe to be the maximum price other jewelers advertise online for similar jewelry items. This price in no way reflects worth, suggested retail price or an actual advertised price. You should always make sure to have all the information provided in the description page of the auction evaluated with your local appraiser/jeweler before you bid or buy.

** All pictures are magnified 10 to 30 times to show the smallest of details. Please, refer to item weight for evaluation.

Quite frankly, for the same amount of money, I’d rather have faux earrings that are beautiful, rather than the real thing that looks cheap.

What experiences have any of you had with them?

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