Now is the time to start looking for and buying your outdoor furniture and accessories.  The sales are amazing.

When my husband and I moved into our second story condominium a few years ago, we inerited a front door area about the size of a postage stamp and a balcony area in the back that was, while bigger, still pretty small in size.

All the condominiums on our block were exactly alike in structure, color and size.

The only thing we could do to individualize our place (within the regulations) was to use our own minimal finishing touches on our home outside.

My objective was to make the front really stand out and one of the first things I did was to find the perfect front door mat.  I was not interested in the faux stone mats with the ‘Welcome’ sign on them.  I wanted it to look more individual.

I searched the outdoor furniture websites for hours trying to find what would work best in our small area.  I came upon a site that I have now ordered from twice and that I absolutely love.  It’s one of those sites where the actual item you receive is even more beautiful than in the pictures.

This wonderful place is called ‘Hayneedle’.

It is a one-stop-site that carries items from over 200 speciality stores. Right now, the sales are unbelievable.

The first thing I looked at were their front door mats. Most of them come in a few different sizes so, even for our small space, we found one that fit perfectly.  I went to ‘Outdoor Decor’ and then ‘Welcome Mats’.

What I found was a small rug that had all the colors of the desert; the oranges and greens and blues.

It was beautiful and it has now lasted us 2 years.

As for the balcony furniture, I purchased from Sears very pedestrian chaise lounges that came with some pretty horrible looking nad feeling cushions.  As soon as I saw them, I knew those would be replaced.

When I went to Hayneedle, I went to outdoor cushions and found the perfect washable cushions.  They are pillowed and more comfortable that I had expected.  Also, unlike the Sears cushions, they actually stay on.  I was able to buy them in a coral color with fine pin-stripe  lines running throughout in complimentary colors.  Everyone who has seen them has loved them.

I did order the pillows that go with them and, although they are really comfortable, I chose an unfortunate color that I suppose I’m stuck with for a while.

So, check out this great site and try to catch them during one of their sales.

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