That might sound like alot of time for some of you, but for me, finding a dress is akin to being subjected to water torture.  I’m fairly short, typical hourglass figure and (depending on the dress) about a size 18.

This is for my brother’s wedding so adding to the problems of my ridiculous wardrobe is that unfortunately, I’ll probably not be able to sneak out of all the pictures.

Suits just don’t work for me, although I love the look. A skirt that might fit me will have a top I can’t close. A top that fits me will have a skirt that swallows me.Anything with ruffles looks too ridiculous to be believed and anything too constructed looks like I’m wearing my mother’s clothes.

Add to that, my budget. Its low.  I may have to stray away from Target for this because, while I love them for their casual clothes, I usually don’t find enough of a variety in the dressier sections.

My favorite places to shop for my body type is by doing a word search for “Plus Size Petites” and I’m usually directed to places like Silhouettes and Alight.com.  I have ordered many things from these places and do like them.

One thought on “I’VE GOT 37 DAYS TO FIND A DRESS!!!

  1. I LOVE target clothes!! 80% of my wardrobe is target (as well as for my two kids), but you’re dead on when you say they are not good for dressy clothes. Unless of course you are a teenager and a size 0-2 (which most of us are not!).

    Last time I bought a dress, dress (also for a wedding, but years ago, when I had more money) it was at White House Black Market. That place has GREAT clothes and jewelry, but it is a tad pricey.

    I hope you find what you’re looking for! You can never have enough black dresses and black makes everyone look thinner… hehe

    Let us know what you find and where 🙂

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