Everyone wants their Thanksgiving Table to be beautiful!

  Well, it’s easier and less expensive than you might think.

Here are some tips for making your table gorgeous, unique and inviting:

1.  Start off with a table runner.  Choose your color depending on how formal or informal your dinner will be.  If you’re going for sophisticated, you could go for a light goldish color or beige.  For more informal, you could do a fall color, such as greens, browns, oranges.

2.  One of the easiest Thanksgiving centerpieces is the tradidional cornucopia flowing over with a gathering of nuts, leaves, fruits and gourds. You can also mix flowers and fruit together in big clear vases. While you want to ‘bring the outside in’, I’ve never been a big proponent of bringing in the leaves and sticks from outside.

3.  Sprinkle on the table some of the colorful paper or silk  leaves and twigs that can be bought at a craft store, such as michael’s.

4.  Coordinate your place settings and napkins with your table runner, using fall colors.  Use tiny strips of berries or raffia as napkin holders.

5.  Gourds, mini pumpkins, figs, cinnamon and dried corn look great on the table.  Just remember to leave plenty of room for all the dishes that will be coming out.

6. Making place cards out of pieces of material or tied with ribbon to a small piece of fruit is easy and inexpensive.

7.  I love the idea that I saw in House Beautiful of using tiny bud vases with just one flower in each along the length of the table.



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