Get Thee to Shapefx

I had gotten an e-mail from shapefx today.

They had a banner that said I could save 15% today if I signed up for their exclusive e-mail offers.

Since I LOVE Shape fx, I decided to check out what they had on sale and I found the swimsuit that I’ve been wanting for so long but could not afford.

This was originally $64.00 and I just bought it for $10.00.  Yep, TEN DOLLARS for this great suit.

Not only that, but it looks like ALL of their swimsuits are TEN DOLLARS.

So, go shopping and don’t forget to sign up for their 15% off.

I also applied Coupon Code F133 in the hopes of getting even more off (didn’t happen but got the 15% off).

If you have not bought anything from shapefx, you are in for a treat.  Their merchandise is so figure flattering and holds up so well.

This is the suit that I really loved, but alas, not in my size.

Happy Shopping!!!

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