The ‘Shame on You’ Chronicles – Part 1

This is a column that focuses on those products so absurdly expensive that you should feel guilty buying them rather than buying something less expensive and donating the difference to the millions of people that have no money to buy even the most basic necessities, such as  food, clothing, shelter.

1.. Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag$120,000

The clasp is made with 10 carats of white diamonds.   While you can get the ‘cheaper’ version for around $5,000.00, unless you’re Oprah and giving tons of money to charity already, SHAME ON YOU!

2. Ulysse Nardin

Royal Blue Tourbillion Price: $1,000,000

 So what makes this watch worth one million dollars?  This limited edition watch, produced only in 30 pieces and sold at select retailers, has a platinum case and bracelet and is set with a total of 568 baguette-cut Top Wesselton diamonds (33.8 carats) and 234 baguette-cut royal blue sapphires (16.79 carats). It is water-resistant to a depth of 30 meters.

Nobody needs this watch.  Ridiculous, ostentatious luxury that nobody needs.  I could picture Bernard Madoff wearing one of these.

3. Luxurious Golden Russian Sable Fur 54″ M  $39,900.00

 Nobody needs fur. Ever.

4.  Christian Louboutin Sexy Strass $3,095.00

I can see splurging on a pair of great and I mean great shoes for $300.00; however, $3,000.00 is more than ridiculous.  Also, these shoes look like something from Payless.
5.  Oval-Cut Diamond Ring 4.2 Million dollars
Priced at $4.2 million, This pure white diamond ring was sold by Christie’s at one of its Important Jewels Sale in New York. It boasts an oval-cut VVS2 diamond with E color clarity, weighing 46.51 carats
We all love to daydream of buying the absolute best.  Most of us, however, would feel just slightly ridiculous at the thought of spending this kind of money on ourselves.
What do you think?

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