If you haven’t tried the cosmetic line, Pixi, you’ll be surprised at just how high-quality their cosmetics are.

Petra Strand, a Swedish makeup artist, created this line and it’s all about looking fresh and healthy.

While her products are not cheap, they are definitely worth giving  a try.  They have more than 90 eye, lip and face products.

Two of their products that I have tried and absolutely love are:

1.  Pixie Flawless Beauty Primer

According to Petra:

“This is my ultimate youthful bloom in a bottle and my new ‘How did I survive without?’ product. If I could replicate what my skin tone and texture looked like in my 20’s – this is as close as it gets! It really evens out skintone (totally need that) which makes anything you put on after look even better. The added benefit is that after wear, it actually improves my complextion. What’s not to love?!” -Petra Strand

My Take:  This is just a really beautiful primer that you don’t really need to put anything over it if you don’t want it.  It just gives a really beautiful apricot glow.  You only need a coin size amount for your face and you can wear it under or over foundation and as a pick-me-up during the day.  It’s gorgeous. It’s $28.00, which sounds like alot, however, it lasts a long time.

2. Pixi Brightening Primer

I probably did not need to buy both of these, but they were different and I really like the idea of a brightening primer.

Here are Petra’s tricks and tips for using this:

“Use a coin size of product and apply to clean skin or over your day lotion like you would a moisturizer. Add a little extra under eyes to diminish dark circles and on top of lips to brighten and enhance before lip colour. Let set for a few seconds and then apply your normal foundation or wear alone for a natural luster.”

This is just another gorgeous formulation with a different look from the first primer.  It has more of a pink undertone to it.

If you go to, many of her products have been temporarily reduced in price.

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