There has been alot of press lately on what to buy and what not to buy at the Dollar Store:

According to, the following are the best and worst buys :


1.  Party Supplies – Invitations, balloons, decorations.

2.  Cleaning Supplies; also rubber gloves, sponges and spongebrushes.

3.  Greeting Cards – They’re usually good quality and under $1.00.

4,  Cooking and Dining Accessories – While knives tend to be dull and not of good quality, wine glasses, dining plates, cheese graters and spatulas tend to be a good buy at the Dollar Store.

5.  Gift Wrapping Supplies – Gift bags (which are usually so expensive can be bought for $1.00 at the Dollar Store.  Also, tissue paper, scotch tape and gift wrap are great deals.


1.  TOYS – Many are cheaply made, making them dangerous when they break.  Never buy baby toys as these go right in the mouth and the toys may have unsafe levels of  lead and phthalates, which are a class of chemicals found in soft plastics.

2.  Aspirin, ibuprophens, and other medications – According to Consumer Reports,  aspirin and other medications can be left on the shelf past the expiration dates. Also, some labels do not say where the medicine was manufactured.

3.  Vitamins – Consumer Reports has said that dollar-store multi-vitamins didn’t always have the amount of nutrients that was claimed on the label. Also, some vitamins didn’t dissolve fast enough to be absorbed by the body.

4.  Canned Food and other pantry items:  First, you should be very mindful of the expiration dates on food, as they may be close to or past theie freshness date.   Also, you may actually be able to buy these cheaper at Wal-Mart or buying generic brands at other stores.

5.  Batteries and Electronics:  Consumer Reports warns that dollar store electronics and extension cords may have fake UL labels and could be unsafe. It’s better to spend a little extra for quality and safety. Also, cheap batteries may be prone to leakage, or may not run your gadgets as long as pricier brands. Many dollar stores sell carbon-zinc batteries which are less efficient than the alkaline variety.


What amazing finds have you found at the Dollar Store?


  1. I like to get “movie theater” candy there. I also get mailing supplies such as bubble envelopes at the Dollar Store. For kids, coloring books from the Dollar Store are awesome. They have many popular character books to choose from. You can also find activity books.

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