The holidays can become very expensive when you have to buy a host/hostell gift for someone at every party you attend.  Here are some great ideas beyond flowers and wine for gifts under $10.00:

1.  French Milled Soap.  Everyone loves beautiful smelling soaps and we tend not to buy these for ourselves.

This South of France milled soap sells for $8.45.

2. A really nice frame can be bought for less than $10.00.  Even better is to put in pictures you have of the host/hostess.

This  Linear Black Picture Frame is from Amazon.com for $9.15.

3. An address book is a great gift and there are so many that are really colorful and fun.

 This beautifful handbound address book is from etsy.com and  made in acid free board with a gorgeous blue handmade paper. The paper has a pattern of leaves and flowers in gold.

4.  Homemade cookies, candy and cakes.

Everyone loves homemade goodies.  Just buy some pretty bows and a nice clear bag or a beautiful tin.

5.  A beautiful coffee mug.  You could also add some coffee from a gourmet coffee shop.  This mug is from Starbucksstore.com.

This cute mug sells for $6.95.

6.  There are some really beautiful Christmas ornaments that are less than $10.00.

This is from Pottery Barn , sells for $8.00 and THERE’S FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORNAMENTS!

7.  A couple of unique jams put in a basket with some clear wrap and ribbons.

This is just one of those things that people do not tend to buy for themselves.  If you’re bringing it out of town, try to bring some special regional jams.

8.  Another thing that people tend not to get for themselves is stationery.  There is plenty of really nice stationery for less than $10.00.

I found this lovely Iris Stationery Gift Set at Amazon.com for $8.00.  It comes with 20 sheets and 12 envelopes.

9.  Keepsake/Memory Boxes are really easy to make with just a few items from a Crafts Store.

  I found this one at etsy.com and it sells for $5.00.

10.  For people with dogs or cats or people that just love them, this cute keychain with charms  can be bought for $9.95.

These can be bought Petsmart.com and are available in dog breed specific or ‘dog lover’ and cat charms.

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