Helping the Homeless

Several years ago, when we lived in a condo overlooking the park, I saw a homeless women dressed in layers of clothing sitting on a bench in the heat of summertime.

She just sat on this bench every day for hour after hour until she left to go wherever she spent her nights. (I was assuming it was a shelter).  My husband and I could see her so clearly from our window and every day we saw her, we were so upset.  She was so dignified looking. I had heard that she had been a teacher.  She never spoke.

Those of us that lived in the area discussed what we felt would be the best way to help her. We had differing opinions. Would we actually be hurting her by calling Social Services?  Was it our responsibility to do our best in finding her a shelter? Would she even want us interfering?

I would take my dog out and, just casually going by her, would drop off water or leftovers from our dinner or some nonperishable food.  One day I saw that someone had actually done something wonderful for her — they had made a care package with things a woman might need:  There was toothpaste and a toothbrush, kotex, soap, etc.

Then, one day she was just gone.  After months of seeing her outside my window, she was gone.  I really hope she found a nice place to stay.

I found the Care Package  such a great idea, I looked up the best things to give to the homeless or to the shelters, I found this excellent list:

Tooth Brush

Tooth Paste

Dental Floss



Neosporin Cortisone Cream

Cotton Swabs




Nail Clippers

Baby Wipes

Thick Socks


Feminine hygiene products

Anti-diarrhea tablets

4 thoughts on “Helping the Homeless

  1. The shelters are uncertain, not open all the time. Where I was, they opened if the temp. was below 25 and dry,or 30 and wet. I’ve spent many below freezing nights in a sleeping bag. After 3 years, I’min a good place, indoors and dry.. I have enough work to feed myself and I have Internet access.I have peace. Every night, I think of my friends back in Colorado, sleeping outdoors on many nights,as we get into winter. Thank God for the shelters and outreach programs. The links to The O. U. R.Center and The Well are in the links on my blog site.

    • Hi George:

      For some reason, I just happened to look in my spam folder and saw your comment there. Don’t really understand that, however, I appreciate the follow-up.

      I’ve heard good and bad things about the shelters. I have worked for several in the Chicago area and they seemed pretty nice.

      I do know that people have complained about theft, harrasment, etc.

      I’m so glad you’re in a good place now.

      I have visited your site and really like it. I left a response there.

      Thanks again for writing.

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