Well, Christmas andHanukkah are over and I’m really pleased with the fact that I stayed within my budget.  It wasn’t easy.

How I did that was by making some pretty tough cuts!  I mainly sent to the children and pretty much explained to the adults that this holiday was going to be pretty sparse.  What I found was that most people really appreciated this.  The last thing they wanted me to do was to give them a gift, thereby making them feel they needed to reciprocate.  Everyone I know is watching their money right now.

If you were unable to stay within your budget, don’t feel bad.  After all, this is the time we give and we love to spoil our loved ones.

Just cut back on other things you might have spent big dollars on…such as, New Years parties. Instead of going out for New Year’s, stay in and have a nice dinner at home.  Have a potluck dinner with friends or just sit in front of the tv with a big bag of popcorn and watch the ball drop.  Have some really great omelettes with great cheese and some really unique toppings.

For New Year’s Day:

Take a drive through the old neighborhoods you grew up in (obviously, provided that you’re in the same general area).  Sometimes, it’s really nice to look at the past in order to really plan for the future.

Take some food or clothing to a family in need.

Watch a sunset.

Listen to great music.

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