YEP!  Officially 2012!

So…what to do, what to do? I don’t believe in resolutions, so I’ll just mention some of the things that I will try to do a little bit better this year:

1)  Try to be a little bit nicer to the people that I hear with their anti-semitic and racist jokes and remarks.  I know that sounds weird, but I used to just cut them out of my life immediately.  But, this is a new year and a new me!They really can’t help it if they’re idiots who’ve never gotten out of the mindset set by their parents.  Or maybe, they had a bad experience with a jew or african american, or Taiwanese, and have therefore labeled all the same way.  Just because they’re ignorant doesn’t mean that I can’t simply say:  Excuse me…but I happen to be (insert race, religion, etc.) and that was rather a hurtful remark.  Do you think you could apologize or watch more carefully what you just said?

Oh screw it! I still don’t want them as my friends. Also, I’d rather just know where people are at from the get-go.

2)  Not get upset because my little 18 year old lhasa apsa has absolutely no bladder control.  So what if he walks and poops, walks and poops, walks and pees, finds the one place on the floor that hasn’t been sullied and manages to find it and mark his territory.  He really doesn’t do it on purpose, does he?  No…I’m sure it’s not on purpose, yet, his episodes do seem to correlate with how he’s feeling about us at the time.  (For example, not giving him enough of his favorite hamburgler).  He also seems remarkably adept at dropping his load right in the pathway ofwhere we walk.  Still…he wouldn’t do this deliberately….would he?

3)  Try to get just a modicum of exercise.  Walking from the computer to the chair in the living room to the bedroom to the bathroom does NOT constitute exercise.  Actually opening the front door, walking out said door and having a plan to get the heart rate going, now that would be exercise.  The problem is that I really don’t like gyms.  The people are really, really sweaty and they hog all the good machines and their attitude when they’re done….so proud and holier-than-thou while looking at you just getting on the treadmill and starting at 1 mile an hour.

I just believe in taking my time and working up to a quicker pace.  I really do hate sweat though.

4)  Try to read something of substance.  I gravitate toward the John Grishams and Ann Rules, which isn’t really bad, but isn’t increasing my vocabulary or education in any way.  I can get through whole books of theirs without ever having to look up a word in the dictionary or ask some kid next to me what it means.

5)  Buy a plant and actually remember to water it.  I treat plants like fresh flowers.  They’re really pretty for a few days and then they go to pot.  I like plants.  I really do.  It’s just that by the time I remember that they need water, they’re pretty much finished. I was given a poinsettia from my neighbor before she went out of town.  I put it on my porch and completely forgot about it.  I’ve got to remember to clear that black thing off my porch before she gets back.  Now…when did she say she was getting back?

Well, that’s my list for good or bad.  I’m really, really going to give it a go this year.  Wish me luck!

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