Here are some of my examples of high-end items versus inexpensive look-alikes:

These earrings are from Tiffany.com and sell for $550.00

These earrings are from Overstock.com and sell for $48.99. They are by Meredith Leigh.

I actually think the ones from Overstock.com are prettier.

I bought these pearl earrings from the Meredith Leigh collection and they are even prettier than shown.

This sterling silver Starfish brooch from Tiffany.com sells for $425.00

(Sorry…hard to get images from Tiffany.com.)

This sterling silver starfish  brooch is from Amazon.com and sells for $84.00

This is a Kate Spade black quilted leather shopper from Nordstrom.com for $458.00.

Here is a dupe from Walmart.com. Earth Axxessories Quilted Tote for $30.40.

This is a Halogen Belted Tote from Nordstrom.com for $228.00.

This is a BrittanyCaribbean Summer Tote  from ifashionhandbags.com for $24.99.

This is the Michael Kors “Hamilton Silvertone-chain Large Vertical Tote.  It sells at Nordstrom.com for $348.00.

This is the Two Tone Vintage Padlock Satchel from ifashionhandbags.com.  It sells for $29.99 and comes in various colors.

3 thoughts on “DUPES!

  1. ohhh my gosh – I am obsessed with the first two pairs of earrings. I love really bold colors in my jewelry – also, I agree that the second pair are far more interesting and eye catching. Great finds, chica!! xoxo

  2. Tiffany only allows me to print out one earring. lol.

    I love that second pair also and would have gone for those instantly (they would look great on you) , but I wanted those pearl earrings which are amazing.

    Kik, don’t forget to go to my other site, hautecurvywoman.com.

    Hope all is well.
    Let me hear from you sometime.

  3. hysterical! and ps – the pearl earrings are really beautiful, as well. Glad you treated yourself! I’ll definitely check out your other site – so impressed that you’re blogging 🙂 Everything is great and I hope you are well! xoxo

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