For those of us in the medical field (or those of us still looking for a job in the medical field; M – you owe me 10 grand and don’t send Nana on me), the art of looking good in scrubs can seem pretty daunting.  By their very nature, they’re kind of a sloppy look. Now, however, better and more fashionable scrubs are to be found.

When I was in Medical Administrative school, I was given a free pair of nursing scrubs as part of my tuition.  It was ONE STYLE FITS ALL. You know, those baby blue v-neck tops with the drawtie pants. We did, however, have a selection of size. I cannot even begin to tell you how ridiculous I looked.  Those blessed in the genetics lottery with long limbs and long necks really were able to pull it off.  I was not. Somehow, I was made to look even shorter than my 5’1″ and my breasts turned into that squished mono-boob look.

So…I ran to the web to find a pair of scrubs that would be more flattering to my hourglass figure and more stylish.  I was surprised by all the great, newer styles out there.

I recently looked up the site nursinguniforms.net/blog and read their “Selecting Nursing Scrub according to your Body Type.

According to them, there are four human body types with specific types of scrubs that work best for you.  They are:

(figures supplied by frugalmom.net.)

ATHLETIC (OR BANANA) SHAPE:  These people are built slim, narrow at the shoulders and hips, not many curves.  Best scrub for you:  Medium sized printed top, layering, wear tops with ruching and ruffles, consider wearing a belt.  Flared pants are best.

APPLE SHAPE –  This body shape tends to be broad shouldered, busty, with narrow hips and slim legs. Best scrub for you:  Long v-neck; mock wrap style and dark, solid color tops.  Wear fitted pants.

PEAR SHAPE:  Narrow shouldered, moderate bust size, small waisted and carry most of their weight on hips and thighs. Best scrub for you:  Printed top, slight shoulder padding or puff sleefves; lauer, or wear a top that covers you until your second hip line.

HOURGLASS SHAPE:  These women have top and bottom curves and an even distribution of fat. Best scrub for you:  Wear tops with small prints, smocking and nipped waist details, jackets with princess seaming, nipped waists and belts.  Tone on tone solid color sets.


I realize that you don’t have as much selection as the women but here are a couple of hard and fast rules:

1)  If you have a hairy chest, don’t opt for the V-neck style.

2)  Don’t wear your scrubs too tight. Better to go up a size.

3)  The pants should be neigher too long nor too short.

Here are some of my favorite less-expensive looks:

Lydia’s Uniforms.com has a great sale going now.

I really like this look.  It also comes in 4 other color combinations.  Depending on the combination, the sizes go from XS to 2XL.  It is on sale for $18.99, down from $31.00.

Also, at Lydia’s, these scrubs are so unique, I think.  This comes in 6 colors and in sizes XS – 2XL.   On sale for $19.99, they used to cost $37.00.

I was surprised that Target.com didn’t have a bigger selection.  I only saw 4 scrub tops that didn’t really look like anything special.  Ther prices were good, however.  They went from $10.99 to $13.99.

Here’s one of their tops:

They also had very limited sizing options.

My absolute favorite, however, is smartscrubs.com. This company was developed by a nurse who understands the demands during your shift.  They have such a great selection, prices in every range, colors you’ve only dreamed of.  They also carry medical accessories.

You can shop by color, body type, organic, variations on looks and much more.

Here’s some samples from their clearance racks:

This sells for 50% off the original, at $13.50.  They also show a pair of pink pants next to it that would be so cute. Dickies Hip Flip Ruffle Fashion Top  #49045. These also come in white and Truly Blue/Black and are sized from Medium to 2X-Large.

Another one on their clearance is:

This is on a 50% clearance, marked as $13.48.  Cabo – 1-Pocket Top (XS-SM only).

This one is called Tropical Groove – S.C.R.U.B.S. 100% Cotton Print Scrub .

This is $17.97,  40% off it’s regular price of $29.95.  I love this color. Easy match colors: Ocean Mist, Hunter and Black. There are different variations on this and the sizes go from xs to 5X.

This shop reminds me of those geranimals (sp?), where you just mixed and matched to your heart’s delight.

Here’s a couple from their regular priced selection:

I love these colors.  You could wear with black, red, green, pink, or white pants.  This sells for $36.95 and is called Winter Rose – Sue’s Signature Placement Print Scrubs.  Sizes are XS to 2X. Here’s their description:

This thoroughly modern interpretation of a vintage theme is a beautifully feminine and sophisticated floral you’ll love to wear.  Easy-care, durable cotton provides all-day comfort. Colors stay vibrant wash after wash. Patch pockets.
• 100% cotton • Print repeats front and back • Side vents • Reinforced at stress points • Pre-washed and pre-shrunk • Unisex sizing

Here’s another one from their new collection:

This cute top is called Gee Whiz – Cherokee Disney Front Drawstring Top .  This comes in sizes XS – 3XL.

And now for the less interesting….pants!

These are called Dickies Black Label Flat Front Flare Pant, 30 1/2″ .  These are on sale for $13.50    and also come in colors Azalea and Sage. Sizes are limited.

Another pair of pants:

I know I concentrated mostly on the tops, however, I think the pants are really pretty standard wherever you get them.

Have fun shopping!

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