So, despite the wedding flubs mentioned below, there were so many more things that went right in my wedding.

1.   HAVING BOTH OF OUR FAMILIES THERE – Almost everyone was able to make i;t; Our families and friends  came from all over the United States.  My best friends from college were there (even though one of them had just had a baby and had the perfect excuse not to come.)

2.  It was an informal vibe at a rather formal wedding venue.  People had fun, there was lots of laughter, raucus toasts, people meeting new people.  Just a really festive occasion.

3.  The food was phoenomenal.  Everything turned out great.  There were so many different ways that everyone’s special diets could be accomodated. I think we spent the most of our planning time (which wasn’t much to begin with) on the food, as we wanted everyone to have great food to eat.

4.  I had erroneoously decided that I didn’t want a video of the wedding.  I thought the pictures woud be enough.  My little brother, as a gift, brought his video camera,and while he would never have been signed up by National Geographic for his skills, it was pretty dog-gone good.  He was right. I would never remember things the next day.  My husband and I try to watch it every Anniversary.

5.  We had no fights, arguments, disagreements with each other or any member of the wedding party or any of the guests.  Everything was low-key.

6.  While our photographer was imbibing (as evidenced by the video), we did get some really great pictures.   One picture, in particular, which at the time I thought was cheesy, is now one of my prized posessions.

7.  My foot infection cleared up by the second leg of our honeymoon and I could walk again.

8.  Despite treating my wedding dress like some sort of schmata that I dragged all over the city, it miraculously looked immaculate at the wedding (I can only attribute that to sheer luck)

9.  There is nothing I would change.  Even the flubs.  Those are the laughs you will have the rest of your life.

10.  I got to marry the love of my life and, truly, honestly, would have married him in a Motel 6.


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