The Quinceanera is a traditional coming-of-age celebration  for  15-year old girls in the Hispanic communities. This celebration is an acknowledgement of the girl’s transition from childhood and womanhooc. Usually quite formal, the dress is a traditional element in this fiesta and is usually a ballgown, worn with a tiara or special headpice and gloves..  This family and friends’  celebration consists of several parts, sometimes beginning with a mass at a church.  The Quinceanera typically starts in the early evening and includes the famous Quinceanera Waltz.  This is usually more meaningful and sentimental than the traditional Sweet 15 party.

Here are some beautifulQuinceanera dresses under $200.00:

I love this dress.  It is from Tidebuy.com.  It is absolutely gorgeous and I love the detailing and the back lace-up.

This dress was originally $329.00 and now can be yours for $160.99.

The sizes go from size 2 to 26W.

Here’s another one from the same store:

Another stunning dress!  This is on an incredible sale. Its ,market price is $499.00 and is sold here for $146.19.  It also comes in an unbelievable array of colors.  Sizing is from a size 2 to a size 24W.

These are from the online store, pretty quinceanera.com:

This dress usually sells for $249.00 and is now $199.20.  It comes in sizes 0 – 28 and, again, in a variety of colors.

So, you can see that it is possible to find a quinceanera dress for under $200.00.

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