Where to begin?  Great light show? Check. Lots of great background dancers and singers? Check. Lots of cool things to look at, like that smoke at the end, where she seems to disappear? Check.

Madonna as a great half-time show? Ehhhh. Not so much.

I’m sorry, but she was moving like she was on Boniva and hadn’t taken her dose this month. (I hadn’t realized that she hurt her hamstring when I originally wrote this.)

Yes, I know..she’s like 55 years old or whatever, but the seemingly thousands of dancers she had surrounding her, in my opinion, were a pure diversion to take attention off the fact that she just is not that good.  It’s the oldest trick in the book. Be surrounded by young, very athletic dancers and singers to make you look good.

I really couldn’t figure out if she was lip-synching or not. (I tend to believe she was)

I do have respect for her stamina and the fact she can stand in those high heel boots for so long.

The fact is that there just was no charisma.  There’s something lost.  I’m sorry to say it, but she’s become a middle-aged lady.  At certain points in her program it was almost hard to watch.

I remember going and seeing Nureyev dance at the end of his dancing career and it was so sad.  He just really didn’t have it anymore and that’s what it felt like watching Madonna.

I give her credit for getting out there and all; it’s just that all that distraction couldn’t take away from the fact that she just is not the star she used to be or wants to be.

I can’t really say I’m sad, because I’ve never been a big fan.  She’s always seemed just so self-absorbed and, like Cher, never missing a fad that comes down the pipeline.

Just my opinion.

I wish her well, but maybe she needs to just take a new perspective on her career and become a little bit more classy.  The thing with the cheerleader pompoms and the short skirt just almost was too much to bear.

Really disliked the guy on the wire and didn’t understand what the point was.

We all grow older; some people just need to know how to do it gracefully.


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