I like to do a series called, “It’s Ugly and Expensive Time”, whereby I show hideously ugly products at an hideously expensive price tag.

Beginning with:

This is from South Beach

Luli Fama Jardin Secreto Front Tie Knot Swimsuit L278754 – FINAL SALE

       Just one question:  Is there an alien getting ready to escape from her left abdomen?

This is on final sale for $105.00, down from $162.00.

Here is another beauty:

Sorella Swim 2012 Black Shoulder Tankini

Just one question:  Why are there two differently covered boobs?


This is from the fanous site, hats in the

Christine A. Moore Claudette – Parisisol Big Brim

This monstrosity is $468.00.

I would love to meet the woman who buys this.

This is my favorite ‘ugly’ ring.  I’m sorry, but for $1473.00, I think I could find a really, really great handbag.  This is by Valerie Egee at Here’s the description:

“Bronze ring from Valérie Egée featuring a chunky design with an irregularly formed sculped front with small black stone insets.”

This ring really scares me.

Nothing quite says “I just joined the Sewing Club and this was my first project” quite like this bag.

Knotted Silk Patch Handbag By Chan Luu

This sells at the thrifty price of $164.00 from


Finally, here is a pair of shoes that are so hideous, yet mange to fetch a price of $950.00 at

This pair of shoes is by Marcell, called “cut-out ankle boot”.  Realllllllllly ugly!


Well, folks, that’s all for today in this installment of IT’S UGLY AND EXPENSIVE.

Tell me your thoughts.

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