My Wacked Out Eyebrows That Still Cost $25.00

Since I’ve gone blonde, I wanted my eyebrows to be much more streamlined. Well, they were that and more!

I usually do my own eyebrows. This picture is from a review I did on Blinc eyebrow mousse.

I decided to go to a ‘professional’ .

Here’s how I looked about a year ago:

afterblinc_EditedYou can see that they’re pretty thick.

However, since I’ve gone blonde, I’ve wanted my eyebrows not to be so thick and I told this woman at the spa to make them thinner.

Wow! She just went above and beyond.

First, let me say that I was really ‘off my game’ because that place smelled sooo good. I asked her what smelled so good and I could tell that she didn’t want to tell me. I mean, really? Did she think that I would open up a spa next door to her and use her absolutely signature scent? I really wanted to know so I bugged her until she finally said lavendar and chammomile.

Anyway, I get on the little white lounge and I am really enjoying that smell and she starts with the wax. (I never let anyone use tweezers on me. Me and my OCD.)

eyebrow tweezing

When she was done and she showed me the mirror afterward, I didn’t really catch how bad they were. I was still really into that great lavendar smell.

So, I look and I’m thinking…are these as bad as I think they are? I’m sure its just the position I’m in looking up into a mirror.

When I got home, I freaked.


Yes, I’m photoshopped here, however, the eyebrows are real…a real mess. One is thicker and up higher than the other. I mean, a blind guy could see that.

Lady, what the he**? Did you get not enough sleep? Did you have a hangover? Did I piss you off on my insistence on finding out your scent?  Because quite frankly these eyebrows are majorly screwed up.

This was $25.00 in the small town I live in now.

Did she even have an aesthetician license?

At this point, there’s nothing more I can do but wait and wait and pray that this isn’t permanent.

Yes, I know this doesn’t even rate, considering all that’s going on with the world today, yet, sometimes you need to just focus on something silly.

Have you had anything like this happen to you?


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